Meridian Million Minutes Activity Challenge

Current Minutes: 14,520 (updated daily)

Presented by ParaSport® Ontario and Meridian, the Million Minutes Activity Challenge is about community. The one where you live and work. And the one we serve… people with disabilities. Let’s get more active together in August and help those with disabilities in your community get active too!

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Sign up, set your goals and record your minutes. You can do it individually or create or join a team to combine your efforts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Meridian Million Minute Activity Challenge?

The CHALLENGE is a fun event for Meridian
employees and Members to challenge one another

to be more active this August.

And it’s about helping people with physical disabilities

in your community do the same by
raising funds for the adaptive sports equipment they need to do
just that.

How does the Challenge help people with disabilities?

We believe that there is a sport or physical activity for everyBODY!
But one of the biggest obstacles standing between sport and people with physical
disabilities is the cost of adaptive sports equipment.

For some, playing basketball isn’t just about a ball and a net; it calls for a $5,000 sports wheelchair.
Cycling is more than a two-wheeler; it might mean a
$7,500 handcycle.
For budding track stars... a
$3,500 racing wheelchair or $7,500 prosthetic running blade.

How do we fundraise?

Choose your fundraising targets with your team. Pick the adaptive sports equipment you want to donate to your community to help individuals with physical disabilities be active too... maybe even a Paralympian someday!

Maybe, tie your activity minutes to fundraising?
Pledges for each minute of activity up to your target goal for the month? A donation fo
reaching your goal?

A friendly challenge among friends and family to match each others’ activity minutes and funds raised?

Need some help deciding, or finding that specific someone who you can donate to directly. Call or email: (416) 426-7186;

All funds raised will be matched via Meridian’s MY COMMITMENT TO COMMUNITIES.

Why an Activity Challenge?

At ParaSport Ontario, we’re all about wellness and physical activity for our members. Wellness is also really important to Meridian for its employees and Members too. ParaSport Ontario relies on volunteers and supporters and Meridian celebrates volunteerism and community support.

So, together we created a fun, month-long,
physical activity event for Meridian employees
and Members, and your friends and family.

Who am I helping?

People in and around your town or city like these happy recipients of adaptive sports equipment from ParaSport Ontario.

Molly joined her skating mates for lessons in her
small town’s learn-to-skate program. “Seeing the joy on
Molly’s face is what it is all about,” said Pina Gilmour, Skate Canada coach. “It is letting kids like Molly know that, yes, they are equal. Other kids on the ice look up to Molly and are inspired by her. Friendships are being built around the importance of inclusion. We are a rural club and proof that anything is possible.

Sooni started playing wheelchair basketball after a
friend introduced him to the sport. His mom Samia says,
“I was looking to get Sooni involved in a sport to boosthis confidence and for him to socialize. Little did I know it would turn into such an important part of his life!”

The Brock Niagara Penguins has a long history of creating opportunities for youth and adults with physical disabilities. But the program only had
one racing wheelchair, making it difficult for members

to compete or train together. With another one from

ParaSport Ontario, two track athletes – Paige and

Wilson – came out on top with two OFSAA gold

medals. Together, Paige and Wilson are pushing
toward their athletic dreams.

How do I participate?

7 easy steps

  1. Go to to RegistCreate
  2. Your Profile
  3. Choose a Team Leader and Create a Meridian Branch Team
  4. Set Your Personal Activity Goal
  5. Set Your Individual or Team Fundraising Target
  6. Create a Fundraising Plan
  7. Start Posting Your Activity Minutes on August

Connect with us @ParaSportOntario or by using #millionminutes