Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about the Meridian Million Minutes Activity Challenge (August 1 - 31, 2022). If your question isn't answered here, contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What and when is the Meridian Million Minutes Activity Challenge?

The Meridian Million Minutes Challenge (August 1 - 31, 2022) is a one-of-a-kind challenge brought to you by the team at ParaSport® Ontario. It is a challenge to the Meridian community, and your friends and family, to get together this August to record a million minutes of physical activity. If enough of us do even 20 minutes of activity each day, we can do it. 

Where do I log my activity minutes and sync my FitBit, Strava or Map My Fitness apps?

You’re accomplishing goals and setting new ones; you need somewhere to show what you’ve done! On the top right hand corner of the Million Minutes website, hover your mouse over your name. A drop down menu will appear. Click "My Fitness Activity". This automatically redirects you to Your Fitness Page. On Your Fitness Page, you can manually add your activity minutes or sync FitBit, Strava and Map My Fitness accounts to automatically record your daily physical activity. 

We are encouraging participants to log their exercises and activities in your personal blog! You can log your activity minutes, post photos, and share Facebook, Tik Tok and YouTube videos, or just write a little something about your active experience.

Can I start a team with friends, family, or colleagues? How do I do that?

Sure can! And we encourage you to. Creating a team to join the Million Minutes Activity Challenge is a fun way to stay connected with teammates and peers. It's easy, when you register, select, create or join team. Think of a fun team name and start recruiting your team members to help make a difference!

Still having trouble? Reach us by email and we will help you complete the setup.

How can people sponsor me individually or my team?

Your fundraising page is your best friend! Supporters can sponsor and donate to you / your team directly through your fundraising page. This will be set up as soon as you sign up.

Do I have to post about my activity on social media?

No you do not. But, by posting on your social media, you can let your friends and family know that you're fundraising for adaptive sports equipment for you or your community! We encourage anyone that feels comfortable to post their daily activity on social platforms using #millionminutes. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, OR Twitter to stay updated on the ParaSport® Ontario Community! @parasportontario

If you are under 18, we advise getting permission from your parents and/or guardians before you post or share anything on social media.

How can people sponsor me individually or my team?

Your fundraising page is your best friend! Supporters can sponsor and donate to you / your team directly through your fundraising page. This will be set up as soon as you sign up.

What is ParaSport® Ontario's Play to Podium Fund?

ParaSport® Ontario supports all members of the disability community in finding their sport or activity of choice. And that includes their equipment needs.

For some, the desire to play basketball comes with the need of a sports wheelchair. Playing hockey… a sled. Biking with friends… a handcycle. To sprint around the track… a racing wheelchair. Boccia… a ramp. So let’s get them what they need to play! That’s exactly what ParaSport® Ontario’s Play to Podium Fund does. Donate today to help people with disabilities in your community get in the game on a para ice sled!

Who is eligible to receive equipment through the Meridian Play to Podium Fund?

Individuals and clubs, schools and community centres, are eligible to receive equipment through the Fund. Where there is a need for adaptive sports equipment to get someone in the game, we try to help.

What counts as an activity? Do my minutes have to be consecutive?

You can walk, skip, jump, lift, run, wheel, hop, push, stretch, cycle, dance, or do whatever activity is your own way to better health. Take the stairs, walk to work, everything counts as long as you're moving.

You can break up your activity minutes throughout the day however you wish. Don't forget to record them all!

What happens if I exceed my target fundraising goal? Or if I don't reach my goal?

For starters, we’ll be the first to congratulate you. Additional funds stay in the Meridian Play to Podium Fund to help others across Ontario get the equipment they need too.

If you don't reach your campaign target, all is not lost. Donations are not refundable so ParaSport® Ontario will work with you to help you get the adapted sports equipment that your community needs.

Can anyone join my team? How do I set up a private team? How do I invite someone to join my team?

The more the merrier is what we think. Invite your colleagues and get them to invite their friends. It’s about having fun and staying active.

You will have the option to allow anyone to join your team, or you can set your team to private so only those you invite can join.

After you create a team, you can send pre-written email invites from your dashboard. You can also share your team link on your social media profiles. When someone clicks the link, there is a ‘Join Us’ button on the team page.

How do I keep my sponsors up to date?

There are a few helpful ways for your sponsors to keep up to date.

Your Personal Blog – You can find it on “My Page” on your fundraising profile. Post all your updates here and invite your sponsors to your page for regular updates.

Send them emails straight from your fundraising page! On your fundraising profile on “My Dashboard” you will find “Get Support”. Here you can send emails to your contacts as well as share your progress directly to your socials!

Post your activities on your social media. Many of your supporters will most likely be on your social networks. By posting it on social media using #millionminutes and tagging us @parasportontario you can be featured on our pages and connect with the ParaSport Community!

Can I donate on behalf of my business?

Generous businesses are more than welcome!

At the time of making your donation, you will see an optional 'Company' field. Simply enter your business name and the tax receipt will be issued for the business.

I am having trouble donating.

We are here to help. An error message can sometimes mean your card was declined or the transaction failed for some reason. Please check that the details you entered are correct and there are sufficient funds available.If you are still encountering issues, please email us at

When I donate, where does my money go?

It stays in your community. ParaSport® Ontario uses the Meridian Play to Podium Fund to make equipment purchases for recipients. You can even call or email us to donate to specific types of equipment like an ice sled or racing wheelchair.

What other ways does ParaSport Ontario help families with children who need adaptive equipment?

The Fund helps us dedicate resources to finding para-athletes a coach, club or team to get back into their game. ParaSport® Ontario also provides training with the equipment donated through the fund.

Play to Podium Fund

Change a Life! Support the Play to Podium Fund with a donation, or fundraise in your friend network, neighbourhood or office to give someone in your community the “wheels” to play! 

Connect with us @ParaSportOntario or by using #millionminutes