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Can't Stop the Feeling - Seated Dance Fitness

Today's fitness dance at Pineapple Dance Studios is for everyone and is suitable for all levels! Remember to keep your core engaged and really do the arms and the body movements as full out as possible to get a sweat on.

3 Day Flexibility Challenge - Full Body Stretching for Good Posture

Join Kelly from for 30 minutes of feel-good stretching that will make your muscles feel great. Improves tone, range of motion and posture.

Full Body Stretches for Good Posture

Yoga / Pilates for Flexibility and Toning

Stretches for Flexibility & Range of Motion

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Frisbee Fun for Fitness Minutes

Have you heard of Stand Up Paddling? Stand Up Paddle Boarding Champion Berni Seidl has some basic tips to get you out on the water on your SUP in no time.

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Have you heard of Stand Up Paddling? Stand Up Paddle Boarding Champion Berni Seidl has some basic tips to get you out on the water on your SUP in no time.

Jump Rope Workouts

On the hunt for a safe, effective, and FUN high-intensity workout. Look no further than jumping rope with Brandon. It's not your playground jump rope anymore.

Get Set for Spikeball

To all SPIKEBALL newbies, here's a quick video on how to play with some PRO TIPS to up your game!!

Old-School Hula Hooping

Hula hooping is a great workout you can ease into. Move slowly and still get a great workout for the abs, obliques and arms.

Pickleball for Beginners

Picking up the paddle for the first time? If so, here are the rules and scoring, and tips and tricks for beginners. Learn how to play!

Hitting the Range

If you are new to golf or just want to learn some basics about hitting farther and straighter with your driver, these beginner golf tips are for you!

Exercise: The Garden Variety

Did you know that gardening is actually great exercise? It's true! You can grow your own food, enjoy some fresh air and burn calories. Find out how!

Four Square is Grown-Up Fun Too

Four Square is great exercise for your whole body, and so much fun too. A schoolyard staple, give it a try in your driveway or at the playground.

Have a Go at Hackysack

A fun game to practice and play alone or with friends and family, kicking around a Hackysack develops agility and coordination. Play anywhere. The game travels well.  

Here Birdie, Birdie

A great way to get active in your own backyard, badminton is easy to play. The fastest-played racquet sport, here are some rules if things get competitive.

Workout on Water

Learn kayaking basics like proper entry/exit, how to correctly hold a kayak paddle, paddling forward and backward and making a turn. Plenty of places to rent one.

Let’s Shoot 3 on 3

Summer means 3x3 season! Watch for pop-up 3x3 basketball games in your area. Or gather up friends and family. Hoops lovers are really getting into it.

7 Family Beach Ball Games

Play these fun outdoor beach ball games with kids and family. Add a laundry basket as a soccer net and cones for relay races. Beach ball volleyball is awesome.

Get a Grip with Bouldering

Bouldering has many fitness-related benefits that might shock you! It's one of the best full body anaerobic and aerobic workouts you can get and an alternative to weight training.

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